Friday, April 26, 2013

New York2013 + VIDEO DIARY

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to travel abroad, alone. I arrived in New York last Sunday and since then I've spent the last four days exploring the city - sometimes by myself, or with Stef who just left for San Francisco. I stay with my family friends in Queens which makes the commute to the city exciting and different each day. I walk down the street, take a five minute bus ride to the station, get on, and in half an hour I arrive on 42nd street. 

 Being in New York and seeing how everyone dresses, makes me feel very much at home despite the distance from Manila. The first three days, my friend Stef and I got together and walked, cabbed, and took the subway all across midtown and a bit of central park. 



  1. Hey, Heidi! Eternally jealous you got to travel to New York. Your photos are gorgeous, and I love the video! xx

  2. W O W ! i really like this pictures <3___<3