Sunday, April 14, 2013

La Union2013

Sam with Fucio's gun

Reminiscent Sprite bottles at the nearby grill

Vibrant flowers beside the resort
One of Jappy's battle scars covered with a Garfield bandaid
Lui checking out Angel and Marie's photo wall
One of the best places to eat in
Dogs roamed around the beach freely, greeting the various tourists

My current addiction
Sandcastle competitions

My friends and I decided to hit the beach over the weekend. The drive took eight hours but it was worth every kilometer. I have never visited any beach north of Manila so to experience La Union was really refreshing. I had the time of my life sitting on the beach photographing and people watching - especially at around 5 or 6. Nothing can beat the Boracay trip I went on last year but this definitely came close. 

Time definitely flies, on Tuesday I would have finished my first year in college and on Sunday I leave for New York. 
Quail egg vendors by the shore
Lazy surf town 
Mother and daughter

Professional and greenhorn surfers alike took to the waves all afternoon

Jappy about to surf
Gary "Bjorn" the stray dog fell asleep on my friend Gepo's lap

Couple number two

Sand fights

Sand fights part two

Surfing as the sun sets

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