Sunday, August 9, 2015

Bangkok 2015 (part one)

Paulina in our hotel room
Hundreds of accessories lined up for all sorts of occasions. 
6 floors of endless shopping
From knock offs to crochet Pineapple bags and everything else in between.
Floating market vendor

Warm smiled boatmen

The sweetest coconut sugar I've ever tasted
Paulina going through the other souvenirs 

A few weeks ago I visited Bangkok with my friends (Paulina and Larissa) and it was one of the best trips I've ever had. There's something special about experiencing a different country with those closest to you, and I'm glad I was given time off work to do so. Since the three of us attended different universities, I wasn't able to see them for most of my college life. This trip gave us an opportunity to hang out like we used to back in high school.

Most of what we did during the trip was a series of visits to Platinum Fashion Mall, MBK Center (the mall closest to our hotel), Siam Paragon (which had an amazing foodcourt), and Central World.

We would spend afternoons circling Platinum only to stop and drink Chocolate Glaciers or Iced Chocolate frappes from Black Canyon (or as Paulina would say, Black Rock). Shopping together gave us the opportunity to police each other on whether something was trying too hard (ie. too "little house on the prairie", "cult wife", "corporate ghost looking", "baptism dress" - the inside jokes are endless) or genuinely cute. If we would all find something we liked, we would get a huge discount because of the wholesale price policy. After we would arrive back at our hotel room from an afternoon of shopping, we'd empty the multiple plastic bags that we accumulated from our "spoils" and try them on, outwardly plotting which pieces we would buy next. This routine happened 2-3 times.

Before the trip I made a personal policy to not spend over 500 baht or P700 on a single item of clothing. The funny thing is that I found myself buying practically everything at 200 baht or P260, so you can just imagine how many pieces I jammed my bags with for the trip home.

Tita Monica (Paulina's mom) booked a taxi to take all of us to the floating market, the grand palace, Ayutthaya, and the Reclining Buddha (more on that in the next post). Thanks to her, our trip went smoothly. :)

I'll post part two soon so stay tuned!