Friday, May 25, 2012

Photodiary: My First Philippine Fashion Week

A few days ago I accompanied my friend Marian, to watch the SM Women's Collection fashion show at the Mall of Asia. We went to support her sister who managed majority of the resorts line and because of that, we were given a chance to sit at the VIP section. 

I guess it was funny coincidence that I arrived a bit late..seeing as how I couldn't seem to pick an outfit. Having never gone to one of these events I hope I didn't dress up too much. The fashion show was very versatile it showcased clothes you can wear to the mall, beach, office, etc. What I liked most about the selection though, was that all the pieces were very practical. SM's selection has greatly improved over the years and I guess we have Marian's sister (Stefanie BandaƱa) to thank for it!

In other news! 
Look out for ADHD Magazine as they release both my feature and my editorial in the succeeding days. 


  1. thank you for the support for my daughter stef mationg bendana ... you're sweet...god bless ....