Friday, October 8, 2010

Sweet Sixteen: Sophie

(L-R:Marian, Alex, Hannah, Abby, Miel, Xandrie, Sam)

One of my friends celebrated her birthday today, so we decided to surprise her. Setting up was fun, considering everyone was worn out from school. Sophie's mom made so much food, the scent was hypnotizing. 

(L-R:Sophie, Steffi)

This is Sophie. It's her birthday today. She's 16.
I took this picture the minute she entered her pitch black bedroom with the lights off. Probably one of my favorite photos because it isn't the least bit posed or anything.


The menu:
Baked potatoes
Bread with butter
Beef steak
Mushroom wrap
Baked macaroni


Did I mention how beautiful the tables were set?

(L-R: Sophie, Abby, Jess, Xandrie, Bianca, Alex, Hannah, Marian, Me, Miel, Katkat, Ella)

After eating everyone decided to go around the living room and chat/take pictures. Yes, really awkward jeje pictures. 

(L-R: Bianca, Miel)

Somehow, someone suggested we all play Wii Resort. Two of my friends had the best time playing with the table tennis and boxing games. Seeing everyone unwind after an extremely long week was fun, we all let loose!

Finally blowing out her 16 candles.
Happy Birthday Sophie!
Till next year.

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