Monday, September 27, 2010

Graphic Designer

My school hosts an annual event wherein professionals of different fields of the work force are invited to give talks about their jobs. This year I was asked to join the documentation committee, so I wasn't able to pick a course. Nevertheless I enjoyed photographing the different on-campus courses.

My personal favorite was the Graphic Designer course so here I am, blogging about it!

There were two speakers for this five hour course so...

Speaker One:

Christian San Jose is this uberly talented award winning graphic designer (who worked for FOB and Cobra Starship). Did I mention he's 21? Haha. When he first entered the room he didn't give off any bad "vibes" in fact, he turned out to be really approachable (and humble).
I wasn't able to stay for the entire talk but from what I heard almost all the slides he showed the other students were really inspiring. 

Speaker Two:

Mark Gosingtian is known for his moving typography all over Tumblr. The minute he found out CSJ was the previous speaker he told us how much he looked up to him. He began his talk by telling us his "life story" it comprised of his choices and how they led him to where he is now. Mark showed us all his work from 2005 to 2010. It was interesting seeing his work evolve, he wasn't shy by telling us how much he used to suck or how he used to be extremely frustrated as an artist. It was only after the talk when I realized he was my brother's batchmate in highschool (small world).

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