Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Photodiary: A Taste of Paradise

It's been two weeks since I last posted. Sorry for the silence, my 400D was sent to the shop (I'll be getting it back today). Expect more photos in the coming weeks as I prepare for college. Here are some of the 700 shots I took while on my five day vacation. 

Arriving at the Caticlan airport.
Bora at midday.
One of the many boats available to sail off into the sunset.
Taken somewhere along Station 1.

First lunch at D'mall.

Calamari at Aria.
A must try. Brought two of them home for my sisters.
My friend Nina's henna tattoo.
Tuns tracing the TG logo on my boyfriend.
Andrea still a bit dizzy from the night before.
Inigo and I after a swim with Alex in the background.
Toured my friend Roland's resthouse. 
Where some of my other friends stayed in.
Spontaneous breakfast at Real Coffee with Andrea.
Other customers waiting for their orders. Above them are photographs of celebrities who've eaten at Real Coffee.
Boracay sunset, taken from my friend's hotel balcony.
So long White Beach
All photos taken with my sister's G12 camera.

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