Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cherry Blossom Girl

A few hours ago I photographed a friend of mine, Sophie Ramos of Sophie's Mom, for her blog. She never fails to inspire me because she goes the extra mile with everything she does (not only does she run a business but she also manages a very successful blog). We decided to shoot at her house because it has got to be one of the MOST picturesque locations I have ever been to!

One of the things I really enjoy as a photographer is scouting new locations because it isn't all just about the model and clothes. The setting also plays an integral part in setting the mood. All throughout the shoot we laughed and shared stories on how and why we both got into blogging. It's great having someone to talk to about these things. At the end of the shoot, I decided to interview her because of her very unlikely success story - likewise she also interviewed me.

1. How did you come about Sophie's Mom?
It was actually accidental. Two summers ago, my family went to the States and my cousin let me try my very first mochi ice cream. When we got back to the Philippines, I told my mom to make some and the rest is history. 

2. What makes Sophie's Mom stand out?
 I think what makes us different from all the rest, is our products. Most of our products are innovated, unique and something you can't find in other bakeries and pastry shop. We also have a particular style that we incorporate in our interiors, dessert buffets, and other products.

3. How is it like managing a blog and a business simultaneously?
It's honestly no joke, especially having to balance it with school. But it's something I enjoy and love doing even if it adds to the things I have to do. It's actually a stress reliever and gives me a break from school work and stress. It's difficult but it's absolutely worth it and fulfilling.

4. Five things every blogger should keep in mind:
  • You must blog whatever you love or what interests you!
  •  You must have honesty, especially in doing product reviews. Just give your honest opinion, you don't want to lie and fool your readers. 
  • You must have pretty and not blurry pictures! Haha! Learn even just the basics on how to edit photos!
  • You must TRY to blog regularly. Personally, I find it hard to blog everyday with school but I try my best to blog whenever I can.
  • You must use original content, meaning no reblogs or it will be like any other tumblr account. 
5. Any advice?
 "Dream big and make it happen!" This is actually my motto for myself. Don't be afraid to set big goals for yourself just because you think it's impossible to reach. Don't limit yourself. Although, it's not enough to just dream and wish, you also have to work to achieve your dreams.

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