Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Night Owl

Last week I took pictures for Fiamma FreshFridays. I didn't really know what to expect since I don't frequent clubs, but the experience was something I really enjoyed.

They told me 10PM was the assigned meeting time inside the club so the other photographer could prep me on what/who I was to take pictures of, during that time I was also introduced to the owner. Then it hit me. Like, really hit me. I had to take photos of people I've never spoken to before. Shyness has always been a struggle for me...but photographing at Fiamma taught me to change that. Whether I was prepared to or not. Sometimes it takes one experience to rid someone of an inhibition, and I'm glad I was able to overcome it.

In course of four to five hours I met local celebrities and models and athletes, something that probably would never have happened to me if I hadn't taken up the offer. Another reason why I love my hobby.

As to whether I'll continue shooting for them is up in the air.

Expect shoots coming up soon!!!

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